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The client satisfaction is one of our main goal that can be reached by a synergic action of assistance, maintenance and updates provided by our after-sale and after-installation services.


The assistance service of TESI provides the necessary support to maintain the integrity, functionality and value of the system assets of their own customers.

By a qualified network of technicians, TESI provide assitance rapidly and effectively that guarantee very short down-times of the systems or products.

An efficent and functional warehouse combined with a powerful logistic coordinated with the assistance service, provide a fast delivery of any replacement part or support service to our technicians and customers to maximise the efficency and effectiveness of any request.

Planned and predictive maintenance

TESI provide a dedicated maintenance service. The maintenace consist of a deep control of the system and its single components.

The goal of the service is to reduce the probabily of faults, this decrease down-times, unexpected costs and service interruptions.

TESI developed advanced systems for predictive maintenance and fault diagnosis that increase far more the customer experience for the post-sale services.


TESI is able to develop an exclusive solution to improve the existing security system to overcome the new needs of our customers or security requirement updates.

Continuous update of our products is made to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of them during the years.

TESI has laboratories and class for training of customers technicians.