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ENGEA is a control system that manages opening of a safe and any lock boxes in it. A serial connection creates relationships between the safe, individual lock boxes and several ATMs, generating hierarchical interlocks and extensions to the relative opening delays.
ENGEA consists of a “+Sicurezza” main motorized lock, one or more “Skudo120” keypads and, as an option, several “Lock200” motorized locks for managing the lock boxes. The system allows communication with subsystems consisting of “+Sicurezza” locks and “Skudo120” keypads that can be positioned on emergency doors or security doors or on ATMs. Communication is also possible with third party systems.
In ENGEA the “Skudo120” keypad and “+Sicurezza” board dialogue via a fibre optic channel for more protection against theft attempts, preventing disturbances (spikes) able to damage or alter the operation of the board that governs the locks’ opening, from being introduced through the communication channel.
The “Skudo120” keypad’s power is supplied by a dc-dc converter galvanically separated from the main board’s supply. This solution was adopted to prevent the spread of faults.
Communication between devices is through the “CAN bus“ system, chosen for the particular reliability of the communication protocol.
ENGEA is equipped with hardware devices able to recognize corrupted packets and to arrange for their retransmission without involving the management software, ensuring that the correct reception of each single packet is received at the same instant by all devices.
ENGEA provides a second "CAN bus" interface prepared for the installation of a "Cripto200" cryptographic module that allows management of ATMs connected to it with a higher level of security.

Typical applications:

  • Latch control
  • Security doors


  • Fibre optic serial connection with the keypad;
  • “CAN bus” connection with locks and optional devices;
  • Serial connection with ATMs;
  • "kill-me” system able to render the board subjected to tampering unusable;
  • Firmware anti-manipulation system;
  • Access data protection (keys- codes);
  • Data encryption module to the outside;
  • Events log on removable disk option;
  • Real time clock;
  • Time slot management with possibility of advance locking from the keypad;
  • Remote duress alarm;
  • Possibility of configuring parameters on a serial line with security code;
  • Optional external satellite RTC;
  • “One time shot” procedure with dedicated software;
  • Holiday programmability;
  • Automatic time change update;
  • Guided menu for altering parameters and codes;
  • Generation of several user groups;
  • Programmable delay and window opening times;
  • Optional high security coded and synchronized door contact;
  • Error message management from display;
  • Activation of 6 daily programmes for seven days per week;
  • Lock closure to attain maximum opening time;
  • Battery level alert (in battery run systems);
  • Storage of 1000 events;
  • Typical lock functions of the “Lock 200”

Keypad Skudo120

• Large custom display with clear and intuitive symbols;
• iButton® (former Dallas) key connector for one time shot procedure;
• Backlit custom keypad in silicone rubber;
• Random number entering;
• Fibre optics for internal connection;
• Acoustic and optical alert;
• 8 number codes.


• Motor with worm gear;
• Motor shaft position with Hall Effect sensors;
• Management of three states:
• Open lock;
• Closed but unlocked lock;
• Closed and locked lock;
• Freely turning motor in the event of the maximum point of opening or closing overrun.