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MAGO is the first contact to analyse the magnetic flux in the area to determine the magnet's precise orientation.

It is a high security device for the protection of sensitive environments.

Ideated for interfacing with high security locks for safes and as perimeter protection sensor in alarm systems.

The device consists of 3 components:

  • magnet
  • reception card
  • analysis card

MAGO i s equipped with a system for measuring precisely the radial position of the magnet, which makes it highly secure against attempts at tempering.WHY

Recording of the magnet's exact position in an area makes it very difficult for any fraudulent attempt to recreate the exact same situation.

A slight twisting motion of the magnet is sufficient to vary the data stored and consequently make it unusable, untile reset in the factory.

Attempts to remove the magnet mechanically or through a second magnet are identified and managed by the analysis card.

Typical applications:

  • Safes
  • ATM and values protection
  • Security doors
  • Rack in datacenter


  • Magnet with radial anti-tamper polarization
  • Brackets with sensors and boards
  • Power supply
  • Assembly and configuration instructions