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HALFA is the result of the idea to combine the functionality of a sliding door with the concept of a highsecurity booth.
A high-security semi-circular booth, featuring flat sliding doors on the outside and curved doors on the inside and a very practical transit area.
The large windows covering all sides and the steel uprights make HALFA a product that combines the highest security levels with natural brightness and lightness, fitting perfectly into the environment where it is installed.



Typical use cases

  • Businesses
  • Automatic accesses for self-ATM areas
  • Interlocked accesses for jewelers and banks
  • Airports
  • Control rooms < / li>




Standard equipment

  • Curved glass side walls
  • Command console
  • Light semaphores
  • Voice communications for users in transit
  • Presence sensors
  • First entry kit
  • Security lock on closure with mechanical lock

Optional equipment

  • Access control with card readers, biometric reader
  • Door opening sensors
  • Metal detector
  • Internal micro-camera
  • Touch-screen control console with voice commands
  • Self-management with internal compartment control for object detection
  • Single-person transit control
  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
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