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The MOOW DOOR is new to the Tesi catalogue and was designed to meet the needs of space rationalization.

Thanks to a combined swing and slide movement, the opening radius and the overall dimensions with the door open, are minimized thus ensuring optimal accessibility.

The mechanism’s design contains the whole structure’s depth in just 20 cm.

Able to satisfy an environment’s design needs, it integrates seamlessly into any building’s facade, thus leaving characterization of the spaces to other elements.

The MOOW DOOR is fitted with a redundant electronic system so is suitable as an escape route.

This makes it perfect for environments that do not allow the installation of a side sliding door and that must nevertheless provide emergency exits.

With MOOW DOOR the door will no longer be an obstruction but a structure designed to enhance the architectural element that it is in.


Typical applications

  • Shops
  • Automatic accesses for self ATM areas
  • Panic exits
  • Interlocked accesses for jewelers and banks




Standard equipment

  • Curved side walls in plexiglass
  • Command console
  • Optical signaling devices
  • Voice communications for users in transit
  • Presence sensors
  • First entry kit
  • Security lock on closure with mechanical lock

Optional equipment

  • Access control with card readers, biometric reader
  • Door opening sensors
  • Metal detector
  • Internal micro-camera
  • Touch-screen control console with voice commands
  • Self-management with control of the internal compartment for the detection of objects
  • Single person transit control
  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
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