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EASY-KEY enable users to get access to a restricted area using their fingerprint as a pin code. The device is made of high-tech optical sensor stored in a plate steel.
EASY-KEY system is able to interface and work in combination with other verification systems like a keypad or electronic keys.
EASY-KEY is compatible with most of the electronic locks.
It is very easy to configure: for enable or disable new user you need only a finger. So, you do not need to wait for a technician to reconfigure.


Typical applications:

  • Automatic access
  • Data center
  • Locks
  • Control rooms




Standard equipment

  • Recessed mounting in 503 housing type
  • Satin-finish stainless steel plate 115x80mm
  • Energy supply 9-20V dc 100mA max
  • Temperature -20°C to +50°C
  • Opto-isolated input
  • RS-485 serial for multi-points connection
  • IP64 protection (for indoor and outdoor application)
  • 1 administrator and up to 150 users
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