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Gates control

The gate control designed by TESI Tecnologia & Sicurezza is based on a system that merges two sophisticated sensors with stereoscopic video analysis through advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to reconstruct in 3D people and groups to detect every single movement in them.

There are several applications: 

Single flow direction gate: It is an application used specifically for airports and museums to control the flow of passengers and clients in aisle and gates. The system detects and verifies the direction of transit and in case of the rules are violated the system will start an alarm, take some snaps of the wrongdoer and send them to a remote control console.

Authenticated transit mono and multi-user: before the access, the user has to authenticate himself, like in stations, cinemas or museums by using a ticket. This system can be used to substitute or improve or substitute a turnstile making more welcoming, open access without barriers. Furthermore, the system is able to detect turnstile jumpers or multiple transits with just one authorization.

Automatic people density control: the system is able to control automatically the density of people inside a room, building or open space. Thanks to an automatic analysis of entrance and exit pedestrian flow, it can estimate the density of customers and regulate the entrance queue to keep the safety level.  

The solutions are designed to be integrated as best as possible inside the environment to control in order to be almost invisible. The control console allows to manage the system, verify the logs, see the video streaming, disable alarms using an easy touchscreen interface. 


Typical application:

  • Cinemas with automatic ticketing system
  • Train stations with turnstile or gates
  • Access with unidirectional flows like in airports or museums
  • Gym, stadium, exhibitions, museums.
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