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AKELA is a steel door designed for access to the back ATM premises. It is produced in three standard sizes, all with the possibility of having the classic peephole, an LCD display or the inspectable window 80 x 80 mm. Certified for burglary according to UNI EN 1627: 2011 in RC4 class.

Description and operation

The AKELA door has 13 points of mechanical closure, 5 deadbolts and a closure point with a failsafe dropbolt, which can be unlocked by a programmed electronic key.

Defenders certified against tampering protect the cylinders on the outside

The AKELA door is made in several versions:

  • A-CL - with classic peephole
  • A-EL - with electronic peephole supplied with 4" display
  • B - with inspection window

From the factory to the costumer

We produce security doors with the highest requirements, designed to protect particularly sensitive areas against break-ins.
The fitted electronic system can be designed with the customer for a "full custom" product, choosing between activators such as keypads, high security electronic keys, RFID systems or biometric systems. AKELA is a steel door designed for accessing rooms behind ATMs. It is made in three standard sizes, all with the possibility of having the classic peephole, an LCD viewer or 80 x 80 mm inspection window. Certified against burglary according to standard UNI EN 1627: 2011 class RC4.

Typical applications:

  • Automatic accesses for self ATM areas
  • Access to safe areas for jewelers and banks
  • Control rooms




Standard equipment

  • Curved side walls in glass
  • Command console
  • Optical signaling devices
  • Voice communications for users in transit
  • Presence sensors
  • First entry kit
  • Security lock on closure with mechanical lock

Optional equipment

  • Access control with card readers, biometric reader
  • Door opening sensors
  • Metal detector
  • Internal micro-camera
  • Touch-screen control console with voice commands
  • Self-management with control of the internal compartment for the detection of objects
  • Single person transit control
  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
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