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HYDRA is a shutter consisting of a self-supporting structure with horizontal glass slats. The exposed box or recessed ceiling structure can be finished in brushed stainless steel or powder coated. Fixing it is through spacers for eventual adjustment on the walls. The glass’ transparency combined with the brightness of the stainless steel make HYDRA a tasteful piece of furniture that becomes a symbol of elegance, lightness and spatial continuity.
HYDRA has a drag chain mechanism with and a "parachute" device against the risk arising from failure of the transmission system.
An electronic security key controls the motor when opening or closing. The glass is bundled inside the box.

Typical applications:

  • Shops
  • Automatic accesses for self ATM areas
  • Interlocked accesses for jewelers and banks
  • Airports
  • Control rooms



Standard dimensions: 2500 mm x 2200 mm (l x h) excluding body.

Maximum dimensions: 4000 mm x 3500 mm (l x h) excluding body.

Standard equipment

  • Glass doors
  • Motorization for advanced damper
  • Optical signalers
  • Security lock on closure with mechanical lock

Optional equipments

  • Extra-clear laminated glass 21 mm thick
  • Reinforced plastic for laminated glass
  • Transparent gaskets on glass slats
  • Lockable chest
  • Optical engine activation warning
  • Key lock with micro signal
  • Manual emergency opening in the event of engine failure
  • Motor activation biometric
  • RFID engine activation
  • Recessed LED spotlights
  • Contact damper status
  • Remote shutter operation via GSM
  • People counter with flow control