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Area safe-banking

Safe-areas are environments dedicated to trusted and authorized entities that operate on vaults and ATMs.

The area is completely armoured and the access is made possible through steel doors.
The safe-area can be made by walls and bombproof steel doors with electronic locks, both of which are armoured and certified .

The area is managed by the control logic, it is possible to have an interlocked access or an emergency button.
The access door to the Safe area is certified:

  • UNI EN 1627:2011
  • UNI EN 1628:2011
  • UNI EN 1630:2011

obtaining class RC4 and RC5 anti burglary.


  • Control logic
  • Armoured door RC4
  • Armoured RC5 walls with grade 3
  • Mechanical lock with 13 points
  • Electronic ecurity lock
  • Access key codified
  • Semaphores
  • Presence sensor
  • Emergency button


  • Armoured door RC5
  • Access control with badge reader or biometric reader
  • Voice synthesizer
  • Microcam inside the room
  • Control console
  • One people transit control
  • Laser scan, faint detection
  • Keypad with anti-duress
  • Texture and color RAL
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