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EUREKA is a security device fitted inside an ATM, which can manage and analyse various fraudulent attempts or tampering through specifically designed and implemented algorithms in order to achieve maximum performance from the sensors and cancel the majority of false positives.

Offers the user the possibility of making the entire system’s sensitivity reconfigurable with appropriate setup values, thereby making the installation of the device and obtaining a high degree of security, almost completely customized.

The other great innovation is the continuous communication between EUREKA and the ATM, analysing all possible states of the ATM and saving every statement made on a removable memory. Every anomaly or danger is transferred from the ATM to EUREKA that then analyses and processes alarms and events.

With this communication, the operator can carry out the necessary checks at any time without generating false alarms.

EUREKA was designed to be fitted to any ATM using specifically designed plastic parts for each model making the ATM’s upgrade even easier; equipping it with permanent innovative security on the market.

Essentially, EUREKA consists of a battery, external memory, control unit, serial interface, protective casing and fixing in plastic, 2 warning outputs, power wiring and 6 sensors.

Typical application

  • Businesses
  • Automatic accesses for self ATM areas
  • Interlocked accesses for jewelers and banks
  • Airports
  • Control rooms


EUREKA’s sensor capabilities:

  • shutter opening control (when withdrawing money, it applies a maximum opening time that can be set by the user)
  • controls ATM tampering through drilling/cutting of sensitive areas (this is done by generating random frequencies at each cycle, thus verifying the input frequency generated)
  • forced shutter control through broken glass
  • controls sound peaks on ATMs (through an algorithm that studies the intensity of the sound of tampering attempts and their frequency)
  • ATM 3-axis acceleration control with auto initialization (with sensitivity set by the user)

EUREKA's information analysis

  • shutter open without notes
  • safe open
  • seismic
  • front opening
  • cashin fraud
  • skimmer fraud
  • keep alive (only when the set time is not respected)

EUREKA's memory capabilities

All that has been reported/analysed is saved in text files on a removable SD card (EUREKA black box).
The system will only work properly after a crash once all the parameters have been reset (recovering them from the memory).

Basic options

  • Sensor to detect breaking
  • Serial comunication or alarm output
  • SD Card to record events log