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ULISSE is a steel door designed for accessing rooms behind ATMs.

It is made in three standard sizes, all with the possibility of having the classic peephole, an LCD viewer or 80 x 80 mm inspection window. Certified against burglary according to standards:

  • UNI EN 1627: 2011
  • UNI EN 1628: 2016
  • UNI EN 1630: 2016class RC5

The ULISSE door has 13 points of mechanical closure, 5 deadbolts and a closure point with a failsafe dropbolt, which can be unlocked by a programmed electronic key. Defenders  are certified against tampering protect the cylinders on the outside.
The ULISSE door is made in several versions:

  • A-CL - with classic peephole
  • A-EL - with electronic peephole supplied with 4” display
  • B - with inspection window.

Typical Application:

  • Accessi automatici per aree self ATM
  • Accessi aree safe gioellerie e banche
  • Sale di controllo




AKELA is a steel door designed for access to the back ATM premises. It is produced in three standard sizes, all with the possibility of having the classic peephole, an LCD display or the inspectable window 80 x 80 mm. Certified for burglary according...


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Readers to control the single access using OPLA system, RFID reader, biometric and magnetic bank card reader with the status visualizer.

Dotazioni di base

  • Pompa chiudi-porta
  • Pomoli acciaio inox
  • Defender Classe 5 serratura meccanica
  • Cilindro europeo standard
  • Accessori per anti sollevamento
  • Serratura a 13 punti di chiusura
  • Elettroserratura 1 punto di chiusura
  • Sensore stato porta
  • Sensore stato catenacci
  • Semaforo di stato
  • Spioncino
  • Citofono con sistema anti manomissione
  • Pulsante interno anti vandalo con segnalatore luminoso
  • 10 regoli messa in bolla porta

Dotazioni opzionali

  • Controllo accessi con lettori di tessere, lettore biometrico, tastiere a combinazione con codice anti-coercizione
  • Cilindro di sicurezza
  • Microtelecamera interna
  • Controllo del transito monopersona
  • Finitura goffrata nelle tinte RAL
  • Spioncino a sportello con vetro blindato
  • Dimensioni fuori standard



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