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K-FLY EASY is a high-tech system that allows managing gates to a restricted area using a contact-less card system. It is easy to use and manage, in this way you avoid losing time because you won't have to remember and digit a code on the keypad.
K-FLY EASY is very fast, only need to bring the card near the reader and after a permission check, the electronic lock will open the door.
Furthermore, you can enable/disable users, so you do not have to call the technician to reconfigure.

Out card-based access control system is able to cooperate or substitute other systems like keypad or biometric sensors

Typical application

  • Automatic access
  • Data center
  • Airports
  • Control rooms




Standard equipment

  • In 110/220v out: 12V 0.5A.
  • Temperature: from -20°C to +50°C
  • Opto-isolated access
  • 1 admin and up to 150 users
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