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Values protection

Devices to protect values: magnetic contacts, safes, vaults, armored walls, antifraud systems for ATMs.


MAGO is the first contact to analyse the magnetic flux in the area to determine the magnet's precise orientation. It is a high security device for the protection of sensitive environments.

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LYRA is a lock box designed to be used alone as a burglarproof safe or to be placed within safes to integrate and complete their security.

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ENGEA is a control system that manages opening of a lock boxes in it. A serial connection creates relationships between the safe room, individual lock boxes and several ATMs, generating hierarchical interlocks.

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EUREKA is a security device fitted inside an ATM, which can manage and analyse various fraudulent attempts or tampering through specifically designed and implemented algorithms to cancel the majority of false positives alarms.

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TRESOR is a drawer unit for objects, designed to be positioned near the anti-robbery doors/booths, equipped with Metal Detector.


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Blindo modular panels are designed for the construction of protective walls for secure-rooms and areas containing valuables


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