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To improve our high security standards, Tesi is proud to present GEMMA.
An innovative high-security booth featuring a larger inner space thanks to its oval shape.
Moreover, its upper movement containment beam has reduced dimensions.
It is fully made of glass with steel profiles and equipped with motorised interlocked curved sliding doors, and a manual first entrance and final exit door on the side. Also available with redundant movement.
GEMMA is a state-of-the-art product, which can be easily integrated into the most innovative high- security systems, as it ensures security, reliability, and high performance.

Typical use-cases:

  • Businesses
  • Automatic accesses for self ATM areas
  • Interlocked accesses for jewelers and banks
  • Airports
  • Control rooms




Standard equipment

  • Laminated glass 19/21
  • Semi-finished steel door frame 30/10 (thickness)
  • Reversible brushless motor with electric safety brake
  • Touch-screen control panel with a 9.7” display, voice commands, event memory, and touchscreen night block (optional).
  • Intercom system, traffic lights, and optical warning devices
  • Voice communications for users in transit
  • Door opening sensors
  • Presence sensor
  • First entrance/last exit kit
  • Electrical cylindrical piston with Euro profile on manual door
  • Security closing block with a mechanical lock

Optional equipment

  • Access controls with biometric and face readers, and RS232/RS485 connections
  • Metal detector
  • Internal micro-camera
  • Anti-hostage system with single person transit control via OPLA’ (One Person Limited Access) system
  • Embossed finish in RAL colours


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