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Interlocked booths

The interlocked booth Arena is the solution with a 1500mm diameter from Tesi Tecnologia & Sicurezza. Equipped with state-of-the-art security devices and great-attention-to-details design

Perla is the compact version of the interlocked booths of TESI Tecnologia & Sicurezza. Distinguishable by its unique design and its transit speed.                                                                                                                                 

Galaxia is the biggest of the interlocked booths from Tesi Tecnologia & Sicurezza.
Distinguishable by its details and its large side windows make this model unique and very bright.

With the aim of once again exceeding the high safety standards already achieved, Tesi presents its own GEMMA .
An innovative anti-theft booth, which with its original ovoid shape, guarantees a more extended interior space.

From the idea of combining the functional qualities of sliding doors with the booth concept comes the innovative HALFA. An anti-robbery booth, with its original semi-circular shape.

The booth PITAGORA was born to satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements and maintain the highest safety standards, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.