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Public institutions
Jewelry stores

TeSi has systems designed specifically for the security of anti-robbery premises, automatic entrances and room analysis.

Automatic Doors

We have designed elegant solutions for automatic access doors with an evacuation system for escape routes, minimizing the masonry work needed to guarantee a wide passage.

Interlocked booths

The booths designed in Tesi offer the possibility of customization with finishes, accessories and safety levels suitable for the customer's application. Each product is unique.

Security doors

Our security doors have become a standard, RC4 certified and tested in the field have guaranteed an excellent resistance even against attempts of robbery with plastic explosives.

Values protection
Latest generation magnetic contacts, safety drawers, safes and new methods for protecting valuables.

Our accessories are an excellent conglomerate of technology, design and ease of installation. Management console, biometric or RFID readers and more ...

Every market need or specific customer request is analyzed and developed by TeSi designers to provide products and systems of maximum security and with particular attention to design and architectural integration. All products are certified to comply with European standards.
In Italy, as well as abroad, TeSi Tecnologia & Sicurezza is synonymous with safety, innovative solutions, reliability, quality and competence.