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One People Limited Access: a unique and innovative
system that controls and ensures the single access
to authorised people in dedicated and/or protected
This system not only recognises the authorised
person but can also check the presence of strangers
by analysing the surrounding area.
In this case, it prevents the stranger from accessing
the booth and prompts him/her to clear the area.
An alarm will set off in the event an intruder attempts
to enter with the doors open. This warning can be
interfaced with the existing alarm system.
OPLA’ is equipped with state-of-the-art high precision
sensors and software, which ensure a secure, high-
performance, and innovative access control system.

Typical Applications:

  • Automatic ticket machines
  • Undergrounds with automatic turnstiles
  • Access control for the safe area of banks and jewelers
  • Airports and museums: check the people flow in an opening


Standard equipment

• People detection sensors and counters
• Optical/acoustic warning device
• Interface card with access control
• Speech synthesis
• Warning for excessive door opening time

Optional equipment

• Event memory (up to 10,000 events)
• Bluetooth
• Authorisation system even on the inner side
• RTC (Real Time Clock) with time zone control

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